Frequently asked questions...

1 : "Do you clean wood burners and stoves as well as chimneys."

Answer: Yes we clean all types of systems, chimneys, flues, all types of stoves as well as Aga's and Rayburns.  Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

 t : 01343 547 620 or mobile 07753709463

2 : Do you put anything down to avoid any mess?

Answer : Yes we are very careful to avoid any mess in your home. We always prepare your chimney/flue area with protective sheets and take care to leave your home clean and tidy.  We advise that you prepare the area by removing any fragile items, furniture and anything that may cause an obstruction during cleaning.   

3 : How often do I need my chimney/flue swept?

Answer : If you are burning dried firewood then twice a year is a normal sweeping schedule. Upon inspection of your system, we can advise you if this needs to change. Chimney fires and dangerous fumes can start in a chimney that is not maintained, if you are not sure when the chimney was last swept, call Staffy or Amanda now to get your system checked and made safe. t : 01343 547 620 or mobile 07753709463

4 : What should I do if my chimney/flue is putting smoke into the room?

Answer : Your chimney/flue is probably blocked. Extinguish the fire, open the windows in the room and call us to have your chimney cleaned immediately. Failure to act immediately can result in a potential chimney fire and could cause expensive damage to your house.

Call Staffy or Amanda on t : 01343 547 620 or mobile 07753709463 (note there will be an emergency call out charge if your system needs urgent attention.)

5 : What can I do to maintain my chimney/flue heating system.

Having your chimney/flue swept on a regular basis and inspected for damage/wear and tear is advised to avoid the risk of a chimney fire.

Using only dry and seasoned wood will also help reduce the build up of soot and fuel in your chimney and flue.

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